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Cornelia Clemons and Juma Jarvis!
We want to thank you for your decision to join our family!
Speaker: Elder Lanaya Ramsey
Title: Peace Price

Foundational Scripture(s): John 13:1-17

Key Points:
  • Peace is not optional for the believer
  • Peace is a weapon (readiness) and a protection (Preparation).
  • Peace has to be pursued.
  • Peace has a price
The Peace Price:
  1. Know who you are in Christ Jesus. You are a peacemaker.
  2. Be willing to take a loss for the sake of peace.
  3. By your very nature BE a servant.
  4. Pursue peace
Welcome 12.09.14 - Spirity night at Chick-Fil-A!
Tuesday, December 9th from 6pm-8pm. Please come out that night to enjoy some food and help us raise funds!

12.21.14, 12.26.14, 12.27.14 - The Christmas Angel!
An SOLW original Christmas musical See E-E Leah Onuoha for more information or to help out.